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The Clash - What
Song:What's My Name
Album:The ClashGenres:Pop
Year: Length:101 sec



What the hell is wrong with me? I'm not

who I want to be

I tired spot cream an' I tried it all I'm crawling up the wall!

What's my name naaaame...naaaame....naaaame....

I tried to join a ping-pong club, sign on the door said all full up!

I got nicked, fighting in the road an' the judge didn't even know

What's my name

Dad go pissed so I got clocked

Couldn't hear the Tannoy so he lost the lot

Offers Mum a bribe through the letter box

Drives you fucking mad

What's my name

Now I'm round the back of your house at night

Peeping in the window - are you sleeping tight?

I laugh at your locks with my celloid strip

An' you won't know who came

What's my name


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