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Elvis Costello - Spooky Girlfriend Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Spooky Girlfriend
Album:When I Was CruelGenres:Rock/Pop
Year: Length:263 sec


I want a girl to make a mess

To do no wrong she must confess

And then perhaps hitch up her dress

'Cos when the flashbulbs explode

She's such a sensitive soul...

I want a girl who is helpless and frail

Who won't pull on my ponytail

I want a girl who has no past

She's made up now

But that won't last

'Cos when she sits on my knee

And then she whispers to me

'Can't you see

I could be

I could be

Your spooky girlfriend'

The broken toys are all scattered in the attic

Newspapers play with the words of the fanatic

While the greeting cards are your most poetic lyric

And the flat champagne is sweet sugar syrup

I want to paint you with glitter and with dirt

Picture you wit innocence and hurt

The shutter closes

Exposes the shot

she says, 'Are you looking up my skirt?'

When you say 'No'

She says 'Why not?'

I want a girl to turn my screw

To wind my watch, to buckle my shoe

And if she won't her mother will do

But when she does as she's told

We'll all turn platinum and gold

But when she sits on my knee

I hear her whispers to me

'Can't you see?

'I could be your spooky girlfriend'


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