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2 Pac - Thug Style Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Thug Style
Album:R U Still Down (Remember Me)Genres:Rap
Year:1997 Length:256 sec


Intro: *the first three notes of Taps plays* M.A. Parks, C57797, you have a visitor Right there, stall three Hi baby. Whassup honey? Hey you know it's just only one more week until family visit. Yeah I'ma rock them drawers. A-heh. Yeah but you know did you take care of that bidness I asked you to do? I made those deposits. Okay that's cool you bring that shit? Yeah I got it. Awright see that guard over there? Mmm-hmm. When you get done just hand him the shit, he know whassup. Awright. Hey you know E just got cracked, he's in jail now. What? Yeah, Go-Go's out. I just saw him runnin around the other day. Ahh, fuck that fool. But anyway, what's happenin with my moms? She gave me a message for you: She said she's sorry she couldn't be here today, but she'll be here next week. Awright well check this out, I got somethin real important I want you to tell her [guard] C'mon c'mon this shit's over with. *commotion breaks out* [girl] I'm not done talking to him! [guard] C'mon boy, back to your cell. Shut that shit up bitch! He's outta here, c'mon. [guy] Don't be callin my woman no bitch! I'll fuck you up! [guard] Yeah yeah fool, what? Yeah yeah that's what they all say fool. You institutionalized, and this is your home... Guess who's back, and ready to knock off a cop or two Cause me and the crew could still get our rocks off The penetentiary don't stop a nigga cause he's in jail Hell I'm makin more money on the street from here in a cell I'm livin proper, the coppers is havin fits I just made the profit, you punks ain't stoppin shit I still remember my momma told me Find the cop who


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