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Album:SpermGenres:Hard Rock
Year: Length:262 sec


It's time - Time to make amendsWake up! - Feel the fascinationJoin us! - Fate is in our hands'Raise your body!U said 'Meet me at the stationIt's time - Time to be a manAwake! - Feel your dominationRestrain! - Every now and then'Raise your body!Don't think too much! - Listen!:I am the mood that sticks in your mindI am the boot that kicks your behindI am the thorn that burns in your sideI am the dawn - The turn of the tideI am the heat that's making you sweatI am the beat that's breaking your headI am the sound that's giving you painI am the hound that's living again...U said 'Stop your lamentationIt's time - Time to understandLive fast! - Drop reincarnationDie young! - Only for your land'Hold your head up highI kick it away - You bother!
Oomph! U-said


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