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Song:The Tears Of A Clown - Mono Version
Album:We Are Family - R&b ClassicsGenres:11
Year: Length:179 sec


The Tears Of A Clown
smokey Robinson & The Miracles

now If There's A Smile On My Face,
it's Only There Tryin' To Fool The Public,
but When It Comes Down To Foolin' You;
now Honey, That's Quite A Different Subject.

but Don't Let My Glad Expression
give You The Wrong Impression.
really I'm Sad.
i'm Sadder Than Sad.
you're Gone And I'm Hurtin' So Bad.
like A Clown I Pretend To Be Glad.

now There's Some Sad Things Known To Man,
but Ain't Too Much Sadder Than
the Tears Of A Clown
when There's No One Around.

now If I Appear To Be Carefree,
it's Only To Camouflage My Sadness.
in Order To Keep My Pride I Try
to Cover The Hurt With A Show Of Gladness.

but Don't Let My Show Convince You
that I've Been Happy Since You
decided To Go.
oh, I Need You So.
i'm Hurt And I Want You To Know.


just Like Pagliacci Did,
i Try To Keep My Sadness Hid.
and I'm Smilin' In The Public Eye
but In My Lonely Room I Cry
the Tears Of A Clown
when There's No One Around


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