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Year:1990 Length:279 sec


Do you go to the movies
find a friend in a film
holding hands with the heroes
fall in love with the heroine

When you were young and easy
did you like to take the day off
run in the sun and the breeze
nothing to think of
Do you run to the silence
Do you hide in the dark
Do you like to go walking
Alone in the city

Do the soft things hurt you
have you got something to lose
because it's only water
You've got to let it flow through
Get on up into the groove

Do you go...

Yeah yeah yeah it's time
Yeah yeah yeah I think it's you
Yea yeah yeah can you feel the soul
Got to be the closest thing to rock and roll

And so you take time to thinking heavy
Say you need some medicine (yeah)
So you take to drinking heavy
Do you really need medicine
Really need medicine (yeah)

Do you go...


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