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The Outsiders - The Outsiders - Time Won´t Let Me Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Outsiders - Time Won´t Let Me
Album:Time Won't Let MeGenres:60s
Year:1966 Length:165 sec


Time Won't Let Me
the Outsiders
(Tom King - Chet Kelley)

i Can't Wait Forever
even Though You Want Me To
i Can't Wait Forever
to Know If You'll Be True
time Won't Let Me (Oh, No)
time Won't Let Me (Oh, No)
time Won't Let
[1 Wait That Long (Repeat Intro 1x; To Verse 2)]
[2 Wow! (To Solo)]
[3 Wait That Long (To Coda)]

can't You See I've Waited Too Long
to Love You, To Hold You In My Arms

[repeat Verse 1]
[repeat Chorus]

(Coda)...long It Won't Let Me Wait That Long
(Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait That Long)


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