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Song:The Night Ain't Over
Album:Big Innings: Best of The OutfieldGenres:Rock
Year:1996 Length:248 sec


J. Spinks Staying up all night - this could be a party I've got some friends outside - looking for a good time You better head my way - this is where it's starting No rules - no laws - tonight you're gonna stay (Chorus) Hey girl hold me tight - the night ain't over Hey girl hit that light- the night ain't over I'm staying up all night - this could a showdown I've got this thing inside - telling me don't run and hide And there's so many roads - only you can go down Don't close - your eyes - there just might be another way (Chorus) Ooh I might be losing my soul But life's only fun when it's dangerous And I don't wanna be told I won't play safe and start growing old It's five in the morning And I can feel the beads of sweat Running down the back of my neck It's so good to be with you again Oo-oo-oo Someday - wait and see This will be just a memory And I'll look back with no regrets Good times like this I can't forget (Chorus)


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