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Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Atlantis Is Calling
Album:Modern Talking - Greatest Hits 1984-2002Genres:Dance
Year:1986 Length:230 sec

Lyricist: Modern Talking


Lady, I know it was hard But it's much harder to ignore There's a chance and I'll promise I won't hurt you anymore Hollywood nights we're romancin' You can trust me anytime Somewhere, oh babe - there is someone Oh you're dancing in my mind Ohoho, little queenie I'm your fool Come on, teach me the rules And I will send an S.O.S. for love Ohoho, little queenie, I'm your fool You need love, like I do And I will send a S.O.S. for love Atlantis is calling, S.O.S. for love Atlantis is calling, from the stars above Atlantis is calling, S.O.S. for love Atlantis is calling, it's too hot to stop If loving you is wrong, babe Oh, I don't wanna be right I've got you under my skin, babe And baby, hold me tight I'm ready for our romance I wait a million years for you I love you more than I'm saying Baby, that's for me the truth


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