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Joe Walsh - All Along The Watchtower - Live Version[1] Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:All Along The Watchtower - Live Version[1]
Album:Extremities, Dirt And Various Repressed EmotionsGenres:12
Year: Length:376 sec


The Crowd Was One (Oblivion Ran Deep)
a Consciousness Of Cannon-Fodder Walking In Its Sleep
vacant Expressions (And Don't Look Ahead)
everybody Dance With The Beautiful Dead I Said!

all Queue Up And Gravel For A Hit
someone Pulls The Reins Then You Chew At The Bit
encouraged By Commercials To Spend Beyond My Means
i Laughed As It All Fell Apart At The Seams

(Hey! Take A Look At Tomorrow)

but Will I Inherit The Good Green Earth
such A Lovely World

all Mod-Cons There Was Dust On The Drums
my Electronic Beat-Box Got The Job Done
everybody Emulate The Pulse Of The Soul
and Change Your Clothes (To Make You Feel Whole)
effort And Sweat Was A Thing Of The Past (They Said!)
welcome To The World Of The Beautiful Dead


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