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Outkast - Tomb Of The Boom Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Tomb Of The Boom
Album:Speakerboxxx/ The Love BelowGenres:Rap
Year: Length:286 sec

Lyricist: Outkast


(featuring Konkrete, Big Gipp & Ludacris)

[Big Boi]
Just so you all know what time it is
It's your homeboy
Straight from the A-T
I ain't even goin say the motherfucking rest
You know
We Dungeon Family all day long baby
We fin'a break you off with some brand new shit

This rap game lovely
Konkrete play a part cause the Feds want to bug me
Athletes want to be rappers, shawty, trust me
Bending corners in the Benz
Ridin like a bucket, nigga fuck it
I know some hoes slutty
I optioned a bitch off like a nigga playin rugby
I done seen a ghetto meal, little buddy, trust me
Jump European, came clean through customs, no questions
Perpetrators in the booth, rappin lame like they drug related
It made me sick to my stomach, lost a two and had a baby
You don't grind, you be lying
She'll be castrated, Lorena Bobitt maybe

[Big Boi]
Tomb after tomb
Boom, boom after boom
Serving up emotion once you deep inside the tomb
Embryo to newborn, you can feel me in the womb
Cool, ooh, that's cool

[Lil' Brotha]
You see, I cock back glocks, got more pull than slang shots
Hit G spots by givin hoes back shots
I'm a young country boy, long socks with flip flo