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Song:Tell Me Yur're Mine
Album:But The Little Girls UnderstansGenres: 
Year: Length:228 sec


'Tell Me You're Mine'

There you go giving me the palpitation
Face it you're fine
Now you know I don't need the complication
Tell me you're mine
No I don't fear it when you're near me
Sends a shiver running up my spine
Oh let me hold you now I've told you
What you wanna hear I wanna know you're near
No I don't know nothing about your reputation
How you spend your time
Now you know I don't need the aggravation
Tell me you're mine

Here you come telling me your reservation
Handing me the line
Don't be dumb with your silly hesitation
Tell me you're mine
Oh please don't tease me if you please me
I will please you that's the bottom line
No don't you doubt it live without it
And you'll really live I know you wanna give me
All your love all your deepest admiration
All your precious time
When you're done with your misinterpretation
Tell me you're mine
Tell me you're mine

Whoa ho ho ho ho ho ho

Now I know there's another connotation
There's another rhyme
If you go for a re-evaluation
Tell me you're mine
Tell me you're mine
Tell me you're mine


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