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Song:Mr. Handleman
Album:But The Little Girls UnderstansGenres: 
Year: Length:196 sec


Mr. Handleman
The Knack
Come mr. handleman take my wife home
You can't leave a woman like a chippy alone
She's plenty pretty like a woman in prime
No you won't need a waterbed to have a good time
Mr. handleman mr. handleman
Take my wife home
Mr. handleman mr. handleman mr. handleman
Take my wife home take my wife home
La señora is a sight for sore eyes
Half an hour in a paradise
You're not the first and you will never come last
But the natives are restless so you better grab fast
Quelle: Musixmatch
Songwriter: Doug Fieger / Berton Averre
Songtext von Mr. Handleman © Wise Brothers Music Llc, Eighties Music


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