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Album:Get the KnackGenres: 
Year: Length:222 sec


The Knack
Frustrated she's getting to me
Frustrated do what you do to me
She'll tell you grab it live it up
Long as you can get it up
She'll make you shake and break your neck
Feeling like a total wreck
Oh i wanna serve you
Oh no i don't deserve you
She's a teaser tonight
But you know she'll turn it off
Just as you're turning down the light
She's gonna take you by the hand
Lead you to the promised land
She'll make you weak and out of breath
Feeling like you done to death
Oh i wanna hold you
Oh and bend and fold you
She'll be pulling the string
But she'll tie it in a knot
Before she give you anything
You gotta get that get this
If you wanna get a kiss
She'll make you crazy in the head
Better off if you were dead
Oh i wanna lead you
Oh i wanna feed you
Call her chicken delight
But the flesh is on the bone
And she ain't giving you a bite
Quelle: Musixmatch
Songwriter: Douglas Fieger / Berton Averre
Songtext von Frustrated Wise Brothers Music Llc, Eighties Music


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