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2 Pac - Outlaw Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Me Against the WorldGenres:Rap & Hip Hop
Year:1995 Length:271 sec


[Tupac] That's right nigga you gotta get your papers in this motherfucker I ain't mad at ya at all (damn) Aiyyo, what the fuck you wanna be when you grow up RahRah? [RahRah] Nigga, is you stupid, I wanna be a motherfuckin Outlaw [Tupac] That's right nigga, hahaha.. housin these hoes, you feel me? [RahRah] Aight, knowhatI'msayin? [Tupac] You got to do that shit, keepin it real nigga or what? [RahRah] Keepin it real! [Tupac] How old are you nigga? [RahRah] I'm eleven [Tupac] Cause all I see is, murder murder, my mind state preoccupied with homicide, tryin to survive through this crime rate Dead bodies at block parties, those unlucky bastards Gunfire now they require may be closed casket Who can you blame? It's insane what we dare do Witness an evil that these men do, bitches in, too In fact they be the reasons niggaz get to bleedin Pull the fuckin fire when I leave em, you shoulda seen em Hostile hoes catch elbows (beotch!) negroes disposed of and snitches get dealt with, with no love Body bags of adversaries that I had to bury I broke the law and they jaw, all in the same flurry But never worry, they'll remember me through history Causin motherfuckers to bleed, they'll label me a * Chorus * Outlaw, Outlaw, Outlaw (They came in to sin) Outlaw, Outlaw, Outlaw (Dear God, I wonder could you save me?) [Tupac] Before I close my eyes I fantasize I'm livin well when I awake and realize I'm just a prisoner in hell Just as well, cause in my cell I'm keepin pictures of these bastards Excersisin, visualizin, everyone inside a casket Picture me blasted, surrounded by niggaz in masks Sent with the task to harass and murder my ass Will I last? Heaven or Hell? Freedom or


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