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Song:Disillusion Town
Album:Normal As The Next GuyGenres:Rock
Year: Length:255 sec



Tell me your desperate dreams
Find me a fanciful scheme
Show me a way to redeem
All hope
Deliver a new day
And bring me a brand new way
Pray heaven will shine down
Oh pray heaven will shine down
I pray heaven will shine on down
'Cause it's nowhere to be found
In disillusion town

Life up your desolate eyes
Tear off your devil disguise
LAy down your need to despise
All love
My love it's a new world
Yes love it's a brave new world
You're hearing a new sound
Oh you're hearing a new sound
Yeah you're hearing a brand new sound
As the walls are coming down
In disillusion town

Grant me the presence to give
Teach me the lessons to live
Find me a way to forgive
All fear
Deliver a new day
And bring me a brand new way
When heaven is all around
Oh when heaven is all around
And when heaven is all around
Then we'll bring the curtain down
On disillusion town


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