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Song:The Prince
Album:100% PURE PARTYGenres:Other
Year: Length:150 sec

Lyricist: Madness


Buster he sold the heat
with a rocksteady beat

An earthquake is erupting
but not in orange street
a ghost dance is preparing
you got to help us with your feet

If you're not in the mood to dance
step back grab yourself a seat
this may not be uptown Jamaica
but we promise you a treat

Buster bowl me over
with you bogus dance
shuffle me off my feet
even if i kept on running
i'd never get to orange street

So i say there's not much left to say
for the man who set the beat
so i leave it up to you out there
to get him back on his feet


Bring back the who is the we want the
Bring back the Prince


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