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Song:Funeral For A Friend
Album:To Be Continued... Disc 2Genres:Other
Year:1990 Length:668 sec

Lyricist: Elton John


The roses in the window box Have tilted to one side, Everything about this house Was born to grow and die. It doesn't seem a year ago To this very day You said I'm sorry honey, If I don't change the pace, I can't face another day. And love lies bleeding in my hand, It kills me to think of you with another man. I was playing rock-n-roll and you were just a fan, But my guitar couldn't hold you So I split the band. Love lies bleeding in my hands. I wonder if those changes Have left a scar on you, Like all the burning hoops of fire That you and I passed through. You're a bluebird on a telegraph line I hope you're happy now, Well if the wind of change comes down your way girl You'll make it back somehow.


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