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Song:Baby Don't You Go
Album:The 35th Anniversary CollectionGenres: 
Year:1994 Length:179 sec


If I (ooooo oooo), If I ever tell you that I, don't love you no more
I would be alright, until you started out my door
Then I would cry, oooh baby, oooh baby oh, oooh baby, baby don't you go
But if you, if you decided to just leave me, anyway, I'd fall down to my knee yeahhh and this is what I'd say
I would cry, oooh ooh (baby) baby, oooh baby ooh, oooh (baby) baby, baby don't you go
No matter what you do, no matter what you say, do me one mistake, ooooh (baby) baby oh baby, oooh baby oh, yeahhh ooooh, oooh (baby) baby
Baby don't you know, know know baby (baby) know baby, know baby, know, know, know know
Please don't you go baby, go baby, go baby go, no no baby don't you go


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