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Song:Deja Vu (Mastered)
Album: Genres: 
Year: Length:242 sec

Lyricist: Beyonce


You ready B?
Yeah Jay.
Let's kill em dis time..

Jay I'm havin Deja Vu..
Nigga I'm feelin so confused
Sit down and listen for a while
Let's try to figure this (uh) out

Verse 1:
It seems like I been through this once before
With another man, Everytime I hold your hand
I flashback, remembering what we had
What we used to do, Damn he reminds me so much of you
I aint trying to make you mad, But I got it bad
I don't know what to do, I'm confused
When you're holding me, I feel his touch
And when you're kissin me, Damn it's just to much!
I gotta put this to an end, before it get's the best of me
Is the sudden reaccuring thoughts sayin that I should leave?!
(Could it be?) That what we had is ova?
(All I know!) Is that I'm in love wit HOVA
When I look in his eyes, I see me with another guy
I can't deny, It's called.

Deja Vu.
It's got me slippin, trippin, Wishin I could be with him again
And I aint talkin' bout just friends
Ooh Wee Ooh
I know it's wrong, but it wont leave me alone
That's why I'm singing this song
Well me and you had good times
But now he's back on my mind
Should I stay, Should I go (Oh!)
I just don't know
He's back in my head, Oh yeah that's what I said
Right now I'm real confused,
And the symptoms say, Deja Vu
Ooh, ooh, Deja Vu, ooh (4x)

Jay Z:
Anotha nigga comes back in the picture girl
And you bout to mess up what we had
Am I sad? (Hell Naw!!) I'm cool
I can have Deja Vu too..(Ooh)
After I done gave you you everything
Even made you R & B Queen (That's right)
I guess you Still In Love Wit Yo Ex
Like yo girl, Damn I knew you was next!
We toured the world, when I made you my girl
Everyone knew you was Jay's lady
Let you wear my chain,
Turned you into the Hottest Chick In The Game
I had you 'Crazy In Love' (uh huh)
I Guess it wasn't enough (uh uh)
Don't say that you confused,
Just tell the truth, Don't blame it on Deja Vu..

Ooh, ooh, Deja Vu, ooh (4x)

Jay Z: Keepin our relationship undercova, that's
what you did with ya
otha lova!

Beyonce: Maybe I'm just private baby,
That's a circumstance when I'm yo lady!

Jay Z: When we go out, we can't hold hands,
what the hell is wrong, you ashamed of ya man?

Beyonce: Nigga, You know that aint the truth,
It's hard right now cause I'm confused.

Jay Z: Just cause you still stuck on-

Beyonce: Wait! Don't say his name

Jay Z: I'm about to let the secret out B, I'm sick of yo games!
Do you know how hard life is to maintain?
WHen I got you on the brain?
Got the media speculatin,
Jay Can't Do His Job! I'm ashamed!

Beyonce: You know that aint the deal, and I'm trying to keep it real.
I don't know what to do I said it before babe I'm confused.

Jay Z: If you leave, don't call my phone B, Ima put you on some reality, Go back to him, Then we done, It's all over, what we had was fun!

Beyonce: You know it's that way, I was always gonna stay, If I just walked out like that, I never loved you anyway!
It's not that big of a deal, The feelings may not be real,
Baby I was just confused, All because of a bad case of DEJA VU


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