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Busta Rhymes - Rock Cocaine Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Rock Cocaine
Album:The Big Bang BootlegGenres:15
Year:2006 Length:142 sec


Check It, Listen
I said how many hits does it take to get, a hole in the center of your face with my right hand bitch.
A nigga ever cross the line ima make you see my steal come out the back of your head.
When I present niggas say Beabaracas in the place (yeah i said it)
Kick a nigga playin soccer witcha face, my nigga you playin with fire smashin every Harry, Tom an Dick the rapper cut the peace im very interested in conflict nigga.
Copper watch turn it up a notch purchase couple rocks shine to much when you look away you see movin' color blotches. Credentials is some legend shit you can check it I command a certain level of respect my nigga check my method.
Jump back follow my instructions while we pump crack reggeanomic track see I officially run that, spit flow that will spill like a funnel and pack clubs like traffic in the battery tunnel.
Listen, you fake niggas doin scams I bein pullin spoof pop niggas like you, make sure your feet is bullet proof.
Coz im aiming for you, don't peace pussy, don't push me leaving u mushy smelling like ass and vagina sumbadusi.. I think you arowack your shits a darowak niggas always into getting there bone marrow cracked, crome barrow crack that's when you niggas will start to sing a tune im killing snitches and f**kin a lot of witched bring a broom.
But I aint really trustin none of these hoes, especially if they aint cooking and cleaning pressing my clothes, shit it ill bitch if u buggin like all this shit is sweet see ima dog I piss by hydrant and f**k em in the street.
f**k a corp or lay a bitch nigga on the concrete I got a fake day posimate sending nigga the beat. So I cant continue to beat you brutal and abusive like a scavenger you watch me giving tha streets the exclusives now.
A lotta niggas need to stop babbling a migrate street shit bitch I live the rotten apple mind state I layed off the henny so I can focus on u niggas treat you like jews and give it to you kosher for my niggas.
Shit historical like mummy's in an open tomb salute the general when I be stepping in an open room. mostly brag and I be poppin shit and im ready and willing cakin out and poppin on a nigga like a f**ken contract killing.
Blackin out is exactly what I be doin every day salute the general bitch and just check my f**kin resume. Weed be all up in my lungs when the crop harvest spaz out on a random nigga like my name artesck.
Watch alotta niggas suffocating never breathin in and sentence a couple niggas to they death like scott peterson bitch just know that im a flipmode soldier and I will damage anything I thought someone woulda told ya!


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