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MANFRED MANN - Track  3 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 3
Album:The Best of Manfred MannGenres:Pop
Year: Length:117 sec

Lyricist: Manfred Mann


Title X7, 1st Time Slowly)
always Onward Rode The 600 (5-4-3-2-1)
down The Valley On Their Horses They Thundered (5-4-3-2-1)
ah But Once They're Down They Really Blundered (5-4-3-2-1)
uh Huh, It Was The Manfreds

(Title X2)
the Soldiers Waited At The Gate For Weeks (5-4-3-2-1)
& Onward On Horses To The City They Sneaked (5-4-3-2-1)
pulled Out & Then, Was It The Greeks (5-4-3-2-1)
uh Huh, It Was The Manfreds

(Title X5)
uh Huh, It Was The Manfreds
(Title Slowly


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