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Zz Top - 130 - ZZ TOP - LEGS Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:130 - ZZ TOP - LEGS
Year: Length:274 sec


You may think a man's brain stops
After he's been dead and his legs chopped off
Well, let me tell you a story to change that belief
It started back when I was still alive
My girlfriend and I were sitting side by side
When she grabbed a gun and rudely ended my life
My body lay there, dead and cold
When she dragged me down to the basement below
Where she decided to stuff me in a cardboard box
That's when her problem did arise
You see, the box she chose was to small in size
So, she chopped off my legs
Just so I could fit my future home
Then out of panic or out of stress?
She lost my legs, never to be found again
Now I cannot die unless my body's complete
So I lay in limbo, in agony, the world's first zombie amputee
First she robbed me of life now she's robbing me of death
So, if you've seen my legs, I'd like them back
Or has she fed them to her dog and cat?
If this is what life is, I don't want any part of it.

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