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Song:Christmas Again
Album:20th Century MastersGenres:Country
Year:2003 Length:215 sec


It's the time of year when good will appears
On the face of most everyone you meet
When Merry Christmas rolls right off your lips
And you make your way down a tinsel lined street

Little faces a-gazing at windows displaying
The things they wrote Santa and told him about
Last minute dashing 'tween buying and wrapping
The world is a carousel tumbling around

It's Christmas again in the city
Christmas in every small town
Christmas again in the country
Christmas all over the whole world around
A time to be thankful for living
A chance to be gentle and giving
So open your heart, be glad to be part of it all
It's Christmas again

There's a wreath on the door and the tree all adorned
With ornaments we've been collecting for years
The fire is blazing the kids are behavin'
'Cause Santa is coming and soon will be here


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