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Song:Santa Bring Your Elves
Album:20th Century MastersGenres:Country
Year:2003 Length:185 sec


Dear Santa
Been a long time since ya heard from me
And I wanna speak for every daddy (that) feels the same as me
The times, they are a-changin'
Don't mean to put you down
But I spend every Christmas Eve lookin' for a part that can't be found

So Santa bring and elf or three
Toys ain't what they used to be
No ya gotta have a PHD in mechanical assembly
And I'll never be able to read instructions in Taiwanese
Since they don't make the toys themselves and I could use some help
Santa bring along your elves

How 'bout it, whoo
Shouldn't be so hard for a saint like you
Please Santa
They probably drive you crazy with nothin' to do
You never have to diet with all them mouths around
And I'd gladly feed an army
Instead of spending Christmas with my face in a frown

Yeah, and P.S. send the Boys' regards to Mrs. Claus
And don't you forget the batteries, thank you
Oh and if you could possibly arrange it
Please send me down some of them magical little dudes
That live in them tiny little bitty igloos
Up there in the middle of the North Pole
When they have nothin' else to do all year long
And help me put these toys together


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