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Glen Campbell - Southern Nights Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Southern Nights
Album:Glen Campbell - LiveGenres:Country
Year:1988 Length:240 sec

Lyricist: Glen Campbell


Southern Nights
Glen Campbell

D B7
Southern Nights Have You Ever Felt A
E7 Gmaj7
Southern Night Free As A Breeze

Not To Mention The Trees
F#M7 A7
Whistling Tunes That You Know And Love So

D B7
Southern Nights Just As Good Even When
E7 Gmaj7
Closed Your Eyes I Apologize
To Any One Who Can Truly Say
He Has Found A Better Way

D B7
(Feel So Good Feel So Good It's Frightening
(Wish I Could Stop This World From Fighting
(La Da Da Da Da Da La Da Da Da Da Da
(F#M7 A7
(Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
(D B7
(Mysteries Like This And Many Others
(E7 Gmaj7
(In The Trees Blow In The Night
(F#M7 A7
(In The Southern Skies

D B7
Southern Skies Have You Ever Noticed
E7 Gmaj7
Southern Skies It's Precious Beauty

Lies Just Beyond The Eye
F#M7 A7
It Goes Running Thru Your Soul Like The Stories Of Old

D B7 E7
Old Man He And His Dog They Walk The Old Land
Every Flower Touched His Cold Hand
As He Slowly Walked By
A7 D
Weeping Willows Would Cry For Joy


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