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Song:Don't Go There
Album:Hot August Night/NYCGenres:Pop
Year:2010 Length:249 sec


She wants to take it just a little bit further now, don't let that happen cause if you let her in, she's gonna take it away. take anything and what are you gonna sing? you better be aware don't go there don't wanna let her play with what belongs to you cause if you let her play with you know what you know what she's gonna do she's gonna take it from you that's just what she's gonna do I don't know where I don't know where ow boy she's sitting on my shoulder and telling me the night is warm now but it might be get cold out there and look out friend before you finaly deside which way to go i hope you stop and review the scenario and how it ends so it just can't get i don't know where alright don't say i didn't warn you my friend if you think it will last maybe it's time to start thinking again you're looking for love and you're thinking you've found it some you're looking for putting it away in the bank and save it how do you like a deodorant and cheap parfume? you're paying a price when your heart is been misbehaving don't go there don't go there you wanna play it save and make no promises if she understands the rules of the game it 'll maybe work out fine but baby take your time and don't you be unkind if all that's clear then don't go there this thing is light on to take some funny turns the only thing that you concurn is have new and take yourself it's not like you're the one who's you is lying blank but in the heat of things you got to apply your mind to something else life ain't fair don't go there once you're in you might not get out hehehehehe you're looking for love in the back of a limousine you're looking for something that's missing inside within you if you think you can run on the power of nicotine they've got a new drug for your mood that will surely thrill you don't go there don't go there didididididididdidi dididididididididi dodododo this ain't the bible and it ain't no moral tale if it's a lesson it's a the bible you can learn it if it's not too late but don't you wait here's a tune and listen is clear cause don't go there tidididididididididi tidididididididididi don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there don't go there


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