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Album:Byo Split Series, Volume VGenres:Punk
Year: Length:127 sec

Lyricist: One Man Army


1, 2, 3, 4

[Verse 1]
Everybody, everybody wants to know
Whatcha gonna do, where you going to?
How much longer do you think you're holding on?
Have you got the guts to let it roll?

I got one love and no money to eat
There's the truth I must face
There's no way I can make it on the outside

So don't rescue me
'Cause I hardly need
Need you or your company

[Verse 2]
They come a creepin' and a sneakin'
And they're holdin' lots of things
The kind I'd like to eat
And the ones I'd like to meet
I could have 'em all if I wanted to
If I give up on what once was true

I got one love and no money to eat
That's the truth...this I know
Should I stay or should I go

So don't rescue me
'Cause I hardly need
You or your company

Our wheels spin in the cold rain
And the lights they all turn red
They steal the clothes off of my back
And they've left me for dead
I broke my favorite guitar
And I've got no money to eat
I wouldn't trade it for anything....not me


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