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Year: Length:308 sec


[Verse 1: Spoken]
Baby come here for a minute
Sit your fine self down right here next to me
Cause I wanna tell you something
Something I have never told to any other woman
You know
You excite me so
You mean the world to me
You're my heartbeat

[Verse 2]
Baby you're the one I want
Your love's the sweetest
Everytime we get together
It gets a little deeper

Every breath you take girl I can feel it
You send cold chills through my body
I can't conceal it
Baby you are

(You're my heartbeat baby)
You got me dancing to the beat of your heart
And baby I like it
(You're my heartbeat baby)
So whatever it is that makes you tick
I'm gonna try it

[Verse 3: Spoken]
Say hey hey wait wait a minute baby
Let me tell you something
Before you start looking for a new drummer
Won't you listen to my heartbeat
Cause what I've got for you
I've been saving all my life you know what I'm saying
I've been planning to keep you for ever
Even for you to be my wife
So won't you listen...
Listen to my heartbeat
Listen to my heartbeat

[Verse 4]
Baby when we start to kiss
I get excited
Feel the pounding of your heartbeat
Close to my body
I feel your magic touch of love and devotion (Me too)
You're a special part of me
So glad that I know you


Can you hear what I'm feeling
Listen to my heartbeat
Why is your heart growing so cold girl
That everytime I touch you it's automatic
You see girl I'm like a drummer trying to play without any set
I just can't go on
Cause you're the best thing that ever happen to me yet
Like ill ill
I need love
And you're the only one who I've been thinking of
If you take away your clothes
I'll never feel the beat
I need your sweet love just to make my life complete
You're my heartbeat

[Chorus 2]
(You're my heartbeat baby)
There's not a place in space in the whole wide world
That can feel the groove [?] of you girl
(You're my heartbeat baby)
You're like the clock an the wall you keep me in time
And before I fall you catch me every time
(You're my heartbeat baby)
You mean everything to me
Come on baby can't you see
(You're my heartbeat baby)
You're the only one who can treat me right
I want you and need you in my life


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