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Song:In A Couple Of Days
Album:Bullets In The Gun [Deluxe Edition]Genres:Country
Year:2010 Length:226 sec


[Verse 1]
Two weeks notice would have been real nice
I could have put this broken heart on ice
Barely full of whiskey, all laid up in bed
Given up on what lies ahead

Could have quit my job and let my beard grow out
Another sad old story that you hear about
But I got nothing from you
Came without a warning at all

It was hot and dry when you told me goodbye
Now is not that a hell of a deal?
Right out of the blue, you broke it in two
Now you want to know how I feel

Why do not you come around when the swelling goes down?
Right now I am doing okay
Hit me back
I should know something in a couple of days

[Verse 2]
It is not soaking you but I know that old pain
It will come like the storm once it starts to rain
Right now the sky is just a couple of clouds
It is going to be hell once the bottom falls out

I might head for shelter, I might run and hide
I might take my chances standing outside
It is too early to tell
Hell, you just left me today


[Chorus] [x2]

Girl, hit me back
I should know something in a couple of days


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