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Song:True Confessions
Album: Genres:Rock
Year:1985 Length:207 sec


I must have made some impression
To scare you away
Here's a little true confession
I didn't know what to say

Now I'm gonna call your number
I'm ready to explain
True confessions on an answering machine
Thirty seconds to tell you what I mean

It must have been some kind of party
The way I feel today
I was working on getting my nerve up
I guess I got carried away
Now I've got something to tell you
You might want to hear

True confessions on your answering machine
A therapeutic session if you know just
What I mean

I really wish I'd worked my words out
Before I dialed the phone
It's nice to have a chance to do that
Before they're etched in stone
At any rate a true confession
Is waiting for the tone

True confessions
Here comes a heart attack
Thirty seconds
I will have to call you back


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