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Album:Hustle GodGenres: 
Year: Length:215 sec


I'm sinking to unknown levels
The devil with no break pedal
Stop all this murder mo-murder
Drugs got me cocking the burner
Run up in your house duct tape on your mouth
Evil shit hitting licks never a drought
Suicide Grey 59 future is now
Lucifer in the flesh you'd hear a sound
Popping these pills and I'm popping these shells
Oxy and Herron crushed up in a bill
Feel like I'm watched by the eyes in the hill
$carecrow the menace but $carecrow don't panic
I called on JGRXXN and they ready to kill
Lil Uzi cocked and he ready to drill
Smokin and locin I run in the building [?]

Roaches swarm around me as I rise and levitate
I be the snake of genesis leading the exodus to an unknown place
And claim its safe uh
Gathering sheep to the slaughter
I show em the blade
Let them pray to the father and sneak up behind them
and open their veins
The devil in wolf's clothing
Yung plague attends them demon masquerades
But i ain't mask my face
I pass the blade and ask to trade their soul for cash and fame
I scratch these names off of my list
My sack of souls ain't gon' escape

Watch me hypnotize you niggas cos JGRXXN got that phonk
I'm riding in a steamer with some bodies in the trunk
Jug mane jug mane you not the jug mane
False flaging niggas come and catch a blast man
These scheme-icide niggas always burning up the trunk
We runnin' down yo lane, I don't pull up I always dunk
I never gave a fuck about these niggas wanna play
And if you with the shit, please believe we on the way

Hustle the maniac
Quick attack you can't relax you can't relax
So on your back you even know i'd bust your ass
Be like fuck the cash but need the cash
Hustle passion for the love of bands
I kill a man I rob a man I be feelin bad
But damn if I tell you that
You be lurkin in my business fast
Like 'The fuck boy how you doin that?'
Before you know it I be at your neck
Like the dead he vanish to a mist
He see the noose that come up out the group
In the trunk we let bodies sit
Suicide the way we slittin wrists
Roll the blunt then put it to my lips
Torch a car just for the love of chips
It's Hustle

G-G-G59 talking to the devil plot another 'nother crime
Elevate above the clouds, looking for the sun
When I fell from the heavens was losin' my mind
Rip off my wings and I take off my halo
I'm looking for god but didn't find shit
So I stuck with the devil I sold my soul quick
I was fucking and then then I murdered my bitch
Murder suicidal gripping the rifle hand on the bible
Believe in false idols you living in dreams,
but I'm stuck in reality thinking of schemes
Loss in the darkness where I become heartless
I creep through the night and I keep my blade sharp
And I'm stuck in my wave
'Cause I don't give a fuck 'cause I'm throwing my elbows,
I'm gettin' too buck


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