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Obituary - Gates To Hell Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Gates To Hell
Album:Slowly We RotGenres:Black/Death Metal
Year:1989 Length:168 sec

Lyricist: Obituary


I know that in the depths beneath
The guilty are the saved

I know living through pain
You, will obey

You lie.....

Living out the pain you feel
When youre exposed to all your crimes
Low down here beneath
Living is dying.
Woken, feed by thoughts
Of the dead
And even if you try to escape
You can't even try

Enter the gates to hell
Is were you with us dwell

Fear of fate
Then your fate is getting (is getting into grind)
(Even as we've begun you're decomposing as you're dying)

Maimfull, painfull
Life after life
Thought are incinerated
Life is a crime

Enter the gates to hell
Is were you with us dwell

Burning out........


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