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Bunny Wailer - - Vs. Lee Scratch Perry Dreamland Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:- Vs. Lee Scratch Perry Dreamland
Album:Sings the WailersGenres:Reggae
Year:1967 Length:165 sec

Lyricist: Bunny Wailer


There's A Land That I Have Heard About
so Far Across The Sea (Repeat)
to Have You All, My Dreamland
would Be Like Heaven To Me (Repeat)

we'll Get Our Breakfast From The Tree
we'll Get Our Honey From The Bees
we'll Take A Ride On The Waterfalls
and All The Glories, We'll Have Them All

and We'll Live Together On That Dreamland
and Have So Much Fun (Repeat)
oh, What A Time That Will Be
oh Yes, We'll Wait, Wait, Wait And See
we'll Count The Stars Up In The Sky...

...and Surely We'll Never Die


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