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Big Fat Snake - Someone Like You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Someone Like You
Album:One Night of SinGenres:Rock
Year:2003 Length:262 sec


Out on the edge
Can't find no rest
Hangin' on the sidewalk
Sleepin' on a bench
To much of nothing
To quote a long lost friend
Empty handed lovers know
Baby, you're the best
Someone like you
Can make the stars shine
Someone like you
Can make a boy cry
Someone like you
Shure is hard to find
Somone like you
To pull me through
The pale blue ghost
Don'r make no sense
Like the secret of a woman
Who's guarded by a fence
It's downhill from now on
It's been a thrill to know one
Who's like the sound of the ocean
Who can put on a fire
Someone like you...
Someone like you...


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