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ALABAMA - ANGELS AMONG US Lyrics - Zortam Music
Year: Length:249 sec


Angels Among UsSaid-I was walking home from schoolOn a cold winter dayTook a short cut through the woodsAnd I lost my way It was getting late And I was scared and aloneBut then a kind old man took my hand and lead me homeSang- Well mama couldn't see himOh but he was standing thereAnd I knew in my hearthe was the answer to my prayerChorus:Oh I believe there are angels among us sent down to us from somewhere up aboveThey come to you and mein our darkest hoursto show us how to liveto teach us how to giveto guide us with a light of loveWhen life held troubled timesand had me down on my kneesThere's always been someone to come along and comfort meA kind word from a strangerto lend a helping handa phone call from a friend just to say I understandNow ain't it kinda funny at the dark end of the roadSomeone lights the way with just a single ray of hopeRepeat ChorusThere were so many faces show up in the strangest placesThey grace us with thier mercies in our time of needRepeat ChorusTo guide us with a light of love
Alabama Angels Among Us


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