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Song:03 - Words Get In The Way
Album:Greatest HitsGenres:Pop
Year:1986 Length:208 sec


I Realize You're Seein' Someone New, I Don't Believe She Knows You Like I Do
your Temperamental Moody Side, The One You Always Try To Hide From Me
but I Know When You Have Something On Your Mind
you've Been Tryin' To Tell Me For The Longest Time
and Before You Break My Heart In Two
there's Something I've Been Trying To Say To You

but The Words Get In The Way, There's So Much I Want To Say
but It's Locked Deep Inside, And If You Look In My Eyes
we Might Fall In Love Again
won't Even Start To Cry, And Before We Say Goodbye
i Tried To Say I Love You, But The Words Got In The Way

your Heart Has Always Been An Open Door
but Baby I Don't Even Know You Anymore
and Despite The Fact It's Hurting Me, I Know The Time Has Come To Set You Free


i'm Tryin' To Say I Love You, But The Words Get In The Way


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