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Song:Get Your Man
Year:2007 Length:170 sec


You know you're nothing,
No competition
I'm not an angel,
I've seen it all before
You ought to worry,
Watch your back behind you
Just let me loose and I'll even up the score

You know I'm watching,
Seeing every movement
With no idea I know what's on your mind
I'm your nemesis
I know your weakness
Like a cat I'm creeping up behind

Get your man back,
Get your man back
Get your man
Get your man back
Back in your life now
Get your man back
Get your man back
Get your man
Get your man back
Back, back in your life now

I'll have you wishing you'd left well alone
I'm on a mission, you crossed me and I'm scorned
I watch you biting the hand that could feed you
I'll watch your pride and I'll wait to see you fall


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