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Song:Rainbow Road
Album:My Special Prayer / Singles & RaritiesGenres:Rhythm And Blues
Year: Length:175 sec

Lyricist: Percy Sledge


I was born a poor, poor man
All my life I had hardworkin' hands
But I sang a song as I carried my load
'Cuz I had a dream about Rainbow
Then one day, my chance came along
A man heard me singin' and playing these old songs
He bought me fine clothes, paid the money I owed
Started me on my way down Rainbow
Then one night, a man with a knife
Pushed me till I had to take his life
Fast as fallin', all my friends were gone
That old judge traded me a sentence for a song
Just livin' with this ball n' chain
Had to wear a number for they never call my name
Like a dream, I'm growin' old
But we still sing about Rainbow


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