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Song:Sudden Stop
Album:The Percy Sledge Way / Take Time to Know HerGenres:Rhythm And Blues
Year: Length:166 sec

Lyricist: Percy Sledge


Walking out
Didn't talk it out
Now she's gone so you can't ??? it out
I'm all alone
And I must do without
All her love that I can't live without

Played along
Did her wrong
And I don't blame the girl
For being gone
I was cheating on her
All along
I can't really seem to stay here long

When a man is being loved
He takes it for granted
He can't see ?????
He thinks he's on top
Oh but it's not her fault
Let her ???? it all
It's a sudden stop

She stopped loving me
Caught me running 'round and set me free
Now my misery is my ????
And I'm missing her touch constantly

(Walkin' out)
Oh, she's walking out
(Now she's gone so we can't)
We can't talk it out
Now she's gone so you can walk it out
All the love that I can't live without
(Walkin' out)
(Walkin' out)



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