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Album:100 Rock [disc 1]Genres:Rock
Year:2003 Length:234 sec

Lyricist: Stereo MCs


Two Faced Woman With The Two Faced Lies
i Hope Your Two Faced Living Made You Satisfied
tell Me Baby I Was Your Only One
while You've Been Running Around Town With Every Mother's Son

told Your Story About The Women Like You
told Your Story About The Things You Do
i Used To Think That You Were Sugar And Spice
i Should've Listened To My Mother's Advice

kicked In The Teeth Again
sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win
kicked In The Teeth Again
ain't This Misery Ever Gonna End
and I've Been Kicked In The Teeth
kicked In The Teeth Again

two Faced Woman, Such A Crying Shame
don't Know Nothing, You're All The Same
you Run Around, Hope You Had Your Fun
you Never Know Who's Gonna Win Till The Race Been Run



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