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Genesis - Anything She Does Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Anything She Does
Album:Invisible TouchGenres:Rock
Year: Length:285 sec


You know
You decorate the garage wall
Hang in people's halls
Live in secret drawers
If you could look around you
Wonder what you'd see

That's all you really are I know
Editorial dreams
They can't make you real
Tell me where you came from
And where you're going to

I won't ever no I'll never get to know her
Or be the cause of anything she does
I won't ever no I'll never get to know her
Do you think this aching could be love?

You know
You've figured in some fantasies
You would not believe
What you've had to do
Life goes on around you
All because of you

I won't ever no I'll never...

You know
That in twenty years or more
You still look the same
As you do today
You'll still be a young girl
When I'm old and grey

I won't ever no I'll never...


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