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002A Robson & Jerome - Unchained Melody Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Unchained Melody
Album:120% Psychedelic Trance IsraelGenres:Electronica
Year:2006 Length:200 sec



time To Turn The Hay, Listen, My Josã©,

pick Up Your () And Get Your Day's Work Done,

don't Want To Hear You Talk To Anyone.

you Better Get On Your Way, Listen, My Josã©,

take Off Your Shirt, You Gotta Earn Your Pay,

ain't Gonna Wear It Out There Anyway, Boy, D'ya Hear D'ya Hear

i Know Your Life Is In A Mess,

you Gotta Get Up, You Can't Afford To Rest.

can't You See My Side, I Got Have My Final ()

gotta Do Your Best.

joe Egan Vocals, Keyboard

gerry Rafferty Vocals, Guitar

paul Pilnick Lead Guitar

tony Williams Bass

rod Coombes Drums


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