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118 Robson & Jerome - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
Album:100% Rock [Disc 1]Genres:Rock
Year:2003 Length:167 sec


She Said 'thanks But I'm Broken
i Guess Ya Must Of Mispoken
wanna Laugh I've Never Been Chosen By Anyone'

she Was Barely A Teen Hangin' Out In Between
just A Part Of The Scene
with Mercurial Smile And Incurable Style
she Was Only A Dream
how's That He Didn't Know A Thing About
makin' Love To The Kinda Girl You Read About

he Said 'i'm Bound To Be Broken
my Daddy Said That I Amount To Nothin''
he Won't Let Anybody Show Him Anything

he Was A Troubled Child
had Been Down For Awhile
always Kept To Himself
no She Couldn't Defend He Only Wanted A Friend
now He's Made Somethin' Else
it's So Sad
no One Saw It Comin'
the Paper Said That He Hit The Ground Runnin'

oh Yeah
i Know I'm Not Broken
a Little Cracked
but Still I'm Not Broken
i Wanna Laugh But I Think That I Am Chokin' On Reality

when The World Is Turning For You
don't Turn On Me
who Are You Here To Repair
well I Don't Know What You Mean
you Could Never Exist
you're A Fight In Despair
and Now It's Comin' To You And I Don't Really Care

well I'm Not The Kind To Insist
you Couldn't Of Missed
we Must Co-Exist
so Please Listen To Me
there Is No Such Thing As Human Debris

oh Yeah
i Know I'm Not Broken
a Little Cracked
but That Amounts To Nothin'
i Wanna Laugh
i'm Not Jokin'

i'm Unbroken
(Oh Yeah, I Said I'm Not Broken)
i Said I'm Unbroken
(A Little Cracked, It's Just A Token)
i'm Really Not Broken
(Well I Guess, I'm Not Broken


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