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Song:Give Me Just One Night
Album:Give Me Just One NightGenres: 
Year: Length:209 sec


1 - I Don't Really Wanna Stay
i Don't Really Wanna Go
but I Really Need To Know
can We Get It Together
get It Together

i Don't Really Wanna Go
i Don't Really Wanna Stay
but I Really Hope And Pray
can We Get It Together
get It Together

you Don't Know The Pain That I Feel
you've Taken My Love For Granted
and You Just Wanna See It Your Way, Hey
it's About That Time
i'm Gonna Tell Ya What's On My Mind
i'm Fed Up With You Not Being Here With Me
when You Know Love Is All I Need
i Don't Want To Stay

repeat 1

let's Get Together, Babe
i Can't Let Go
cuz Being Confused Just Takes Control
i Hope We Can Start Brand New
cuz I Don't Want To Loose You, Oh No
with The Love We Shared
baby It's Oh So Rare
i'm Willing To Try And Make You See
that All You Need Is Here In Me

2 - I Don't Wanna Stay
i Don't Wanna Go
but You Gotta Let Me Know
how You Feel

repeat 2
repeat 1

see I'm So Confused
i Just Don't Know What To Do
and I Don't Understand, No
ya Know I Don't Wanna Stay
you Know I Don't Wanna Go
baby, Please Listen To Me

repeat 1 Until Fade


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