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Coolio - Recoup This Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Recoup This
Album:Gangsta's ParadiseGenres:Hip-Hop
Year: Length:84 sec


This is how we do it... this is how we do it

Last chance records, may i help you?
Oh, what's up girl! Young nigga came over last night, and guess what.
He was a busta. But hold on a second.
Excuse me, may I help you?

Yeah, I wanna see Chester, I got an appointment with him.

Won't you have a seat, he'll be with you shortly.

Mr Johnson, your 2:30 is here.

Eh, send him in. Damn, your showing a little good today girl.

Mr johnson will see you now.

He heey! Come on in here boy, see I told you you was goin' be a star, didn't I?

Man, fuck being a star, I want some motherfucking money man, you ow me some money.

Man, money! wha???

Man, my record went double platinum, what the fuck is you talkin' about!

Let me...

Fuck that!

AAOOWW! you didn't have to shoot me...

Yeah, muthafucka, now fuck that! It's too late for that shit!

AAAW, You shot Mr Johnson!



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