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Collective Soul - Reach Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Hints, Allegations, and ThingsGenres: 
Year: Length:257 sec

Lyricist: Collective Soul


Should I thirst for knowledge?
Can I beg you for some water?
Should I fight your battles?
Can I rest upon your shoulders?
I hope I'm able to ride out this storm...
Well come on Gabriel, boy, blow your horn

[Chorus v1]
Reach, reach out to me - Can't you see?
I need you to save me, alright now...
Reach, reach out to me - Can't you see?
I need you to hold me, alright now...

Should I beg for mercy?
Can I be the one you treasure?
Should I question knowledge?
Can I have all of your answers?
I hope I'm able to find love today...
Can I ask you just to light my way?

Yeah, come on...
[Chorus v2] ('save = guide' / 'hold = love')

Take me out of these walls
Take me somewhere I can see
Take me away from it all
Please just reach, reach out to me
-(Yeah, yeah, yeah)-

Yeah, come on...
[Chorus v1] / [Chorus v2]


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