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Lloyd - My Life Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:My Life
Year: Length:248 sec

Lyricist: Lloyd


This is my life yeah

This is my life
Baby ohhh
This is life

(Verse 1:)
January 3, 1986
Watchin' out for the fix
Took my first steps
No clue at how physical life gets
Round uptowns Cali, ole projects
Whole life stopped when my daddy got popped
One head shot, he was dead on the spot
Now I'm running around with my stomach in knots
Knowing that memories is all I got

Ohh nobody knows about the struggling I been through
That's why I hustle like I do
I gotta provide for my people
And nigga I done worked too hard
Came way too far to lose
Gangstas still gotta stay on the move
Live everyday with a point to prove

(Chorus: 2x)

(Verse 2:)
Mama jumped ship
Hoping shit gone change
Now I'm A-Town bound nigga down for the grain
I'm feeling like I'm loosing my sane
Cause nigga's round me been using cocaine
I know my dreams of fortune and fame won't mean to slang
Just gotta except that I'm on the road that was chose from above
Nigga love is pain


(Chorus: 2x)

(Verse 3:)
I go and know you been waiting for a long time
Shorty keep a strong grind
Never give up the sun don't shine
You see I'm where I belong now yeah
Just never ever lose perspective
Cause if the shit hits the fan and times get hectic
I'll fall to my knees and thank god I'm blessed with
The strength to hold on and deliver the message

(Hook )
So now you know about the strugglin' I been through
Why I'm hustlin' like I do (hustlin' like I do)
I gotta provide for my people
Shawty I done worked too hard
Came too far to lose
INC, we on the move
Gotta tell me young nigga do what you do.

(Chorus: 2x)


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