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Song:As Time Goes Passing By
Album:You bought it, you name itGenres:Hard Rock
Year:1992 Length:270 sec


She dries the eyes that saw
A million sleepless nights
An empty house where only
Memories abide
Her life is dull no hope at all
She's lost her pride
When Eddie left she turned
To drugs and paracites
She wants to scream
But no one listens anyway
Forgotten dreams that used
To keep her kinda straight
The will to live is fading fast
She doesn't care
The silent sound of loneliness
Forever her own

Another sunrise
On a meaningless day
Another journey
Back to nowhere again

What is there to live for
For a girl out of love
With a heartache for life
As time goes passing by

Where can she turn
What can she do
Without a friend
She's in so deep nobody lends a helping hand
And time won't wait for anyone or anything
'Cause they've problems of their own
That's cold reality

Somebody somebody out there's got to help
She's falling a falling deep down into hell
Stuck in a room of gloom on her own
Nobody even cares
'Bout a victim of the love game
As times goes passing by

Can't anyone - anywhere
Help her out in any way
A victim of circumstance - fading away
When Mr. Blue calls in on you
Send him away
What's done is done
You can't erase your yesterdays
Don't lose yourself
- Because some guy lost out on you
There's no use in believing
You're to blame in any way
There's no point in deceiving
Hurting yourself in this way
Somebody somebody out there's got to help
A victim of the love game
As times goes passing by


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