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George Strait - I Just Want To Dance With You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:I Just Want To Dance With You
Album:50 Number Ones (Disc Two)Genres:Country
Year: Length:198 sec

Lyricist: George Strait


I've traveled through lots of places Seen lots of folks and lots of faces Even settled down a time or two I've worked the farms I've been to town Guess you could say I've been around But I ain't never seen no one like you I can tell by your smile you don't believe a word I say You're thinkin' I'll just stay a while then be on my way But girl I think it's fair to warn ya I've done been to California I ain't never seen no one like you I knew a girl in Mississippi Had twenty different ways to kiss me Never found a thing she couldn't do Hey I even knew some twins in Denver Stayed with them one cold December I ain't never seen no on like you East to west north to south You're the very best girl there ain't no doubt I'm tellin' you you're really somethin' The way you got my heart a jumpin' I ain't never seen no one like you


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